Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On the 100 little pieces project

Well, I'm over the 30 days, but making progress. I'm now in the 70s.  In my defense, I was gone for a couple of weeks, and there is that little matter of life.  Plus still working on some of my larger paintings. 

But this is fun.  No pressure, just play.  And every once in a while I stumble across something that feels like a keeper, or at least something to explore more deeply.  The two I did yesterday are like that.  I even gave them names instead of just numbers.  They still have that unfinished feeling, which I like.  Today I did modify "Before" a little.  Originally, the egg shape was black, which seemed a bit harsh when I looked at it today.  So I softened with a bit of bluish glaze.  Not sure that's the color it needed, so it may morph again someday. 

Elisabeth Dancing

acrylic on canvas panel
5 x 7 inches unframed


acrylic on canvas panel
5 x 7 inches unframed

Monday, March 15, 2010

100 little paintings: a blog of their own

I had been working on several paintings, and came to the end (or what feels like the end) of a series. Then I took some time off to do some other things.  I was feeling the need to explore but didn't want to jump into another series yet. 

I read Robert Genn's newsletter to artists regularly, and it just happened that he posted one with a suggestion that was just what I needed.  Paint 100 small paintings, quickly, without references, over a period of 30 days or so.  Robert suggested  these paremeters:

  • keep the paintings small
  • use a limited palette
  • spend only a few minutes on each one
  • leave them unfinished
  • paint like you are four years old
The last one has sometimes been the hardest!  But also the most important. 

Because there are so many little paintings, and the quality is all over the place, I decided to make a blog just for them. 
Here it is:  100 little pieces in 30 days (now called "Quick Little Paintings, Having Fun", same address)