Monday, February 9, 2009

Seeking series: "Settling In"

oil on linen panel, 12x9 inches

I've been experimenting on bits of paper and having a lot of fun. Gradually incorporating abstraction into my paintings. Now I'm starting to deliberately work in expressionist abstractionism (whatever that really is- I phrase it that way because it is really NOT what some people refer to as abstract expressionism-- whatever THAT is) on some of my linen panels and stretched linen. Building layers of paint, playing with how the different layers interact. Feeling what the paint is telling me. This feels right: it's where I've been heading all along. I'll be adding in other media along the way, too.

I'm not sure if this piece is quite finished. I'll set it aside and work on some other things, and then see if it is calling for more.
NOTE: I've now got several paintings in this general format, which seem to be forming a series for me. I'm calling the series "Seeking". And this one is, indeed, finished.