Friday, December 19, 2008

It will be a white holiday...

Well, I have a couple of new paintings I wanted to post, but the light has been too poor to take decent pics today (I always use natural light). Today, instead, I decided to post a few photos of what it looks like here.

Right now we are getting yet another snowstorm, expected to go on through the weekend. It is beautiful out there, and though it means that yet again the townplow will block me in, this time I am ready. Yesterday I did marathon shopping-- groceries to last well into the new year, plus everything for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

So no need to go out, except to the barn for firewood. That's the way I like it. Maybe tomorrow I will hike to the Nature Preserve and go snowshoeing. Take my sketchbook and maybe some pastels.

I took the first photo last year on a bright day, but otherwise this is pretty much what the front of my barn looks like right now. Except that last year I didn't have a woodstove, so there isn't a path crunched through from the house to the barn.

A peek out my dining room window at the 20 foot tall lilac bush that all but obscures the view (of a neighbor's house) during the summer. In this photo, most of the branches are outlined with snow, creating a second layer of lace on the other side of the lace curtain: double tracery. I love the almost ethereal look it gives.

In my living room. I have the drapes and blinds drawn to help keep the heat in: it is dang cold out there! I had the woodstove put in early this fall, and it is wonderful to sit in front of it on days like this. Mona the Magnificent is in her personal spot behind the stove. She has abandoned my lap as the preferred source of heat.

I have a loaf of bread baking. Fresh bread with soup for supper, on a snowy evening, in front of a woodfire. Mmmmm. What could be more perfect?

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Anonymous said...

Dayle Ann, I love your blog, had e-mailed you in the past. Your piece Ridgeline could have been painted around here where I live in Nova Scotia. We're having quite a storm here. Your cat Mona is like my dog I have just recently adopted from our local shelter, he is never to close to the woodstove. Nice little stove you have. Looks cozy.