Thursday, August 9, 2007

Prayerflag for Misty

Two years ago, I adopted Misty. I was looking for a small dog, about 4 or 5 years old. Instead, I ended up with an oversize 11 year old beagle with a heart condition. I knew no one would adopt an elderly beagle with a heart condition. So I did. Misty turned out to have an outsize personality to fit her outsize body, and a sweet, gentle disposition, and her presence filled my house. I fell in love with her.

For nearly two years, Misty's heart condition (and a near total deafness) did not slow her down (I can't imagine what she was like as a puppy!). And even this summer, as she gradually began to show her age, her love of life never flagged.

Late in the afternoon on August 4th, Misty died, her head cradled in my arms. My daughter helped me bury her in her favorite spot behind the barn, which had the richest repertoire of smells. The next day, I made a very rustic little prayerflag, writing the story of Misty in my life, to put on the side of the barn.

I learned so much from you, Misty. Thank you for coming into my life to teach me.

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