Friday, August 3, 2007

Double coneflower

Yes, there is such a thing! They start out looking like regular pink coneflowers, and then suddenly they sprout another "flower" on top. The new flower is, of course, simply another set of modified leaves masquerading as petals. The flower often ends up looking like a pompom with a skirt. This one was just getting started when it ended up posing in a glass of water on my table as the subject for a watercolor sketch.

Since this is a sketch, it does not have a background: the grey shading is due to the fact that I took the photo as a thunderstorm began to move in, changing the character of the light. Bah. But perhaps it will cool down, and I did get two new roses planted. One to go.

Watercolor on heavyweight archival sketch paper, 20x30 cm (approx. 9x12 in)

I suspect this blog will undergo some changes in the near future. Right now I am spending time (and money, yikes) getting ready to frame some of my work in preparation for shows. "From day to day..." will morph into more of what it's been: a means of exploration, a sort of on-line journal of art and musings. I will be posting more of the, um, "experiments" here, too, and probably works in progress. I'll try not to let it get more irregular than it is now, honest.

In time, I will also have a web gallery-- you'll be the first to know!

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