Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tea mug

What did I do yesterday? It appears, nothing. Well, I did, actually-- I organized storage for my paintings so they are not taped all over my walls, and figured out how to keep my paper and other oddments safe from my four-footed paper shredders. And swept up masses of Beagle hair. But no painting. Very strange.

Today I took care of some of life's details and worked on a couple of larger paintings. What to do for my daily painting? Aha, my ever-handy tea mug. I started out to make a simple sketch, but I found myself putting in the pears painted on the mug. This is my favorite mug, so of course the pears had to be there!

Pastel and pastel pencil on Tiziano cream, 8x8 cm (3x3 in)