Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rolling Pin/Sleepy Baby

Yesterday I worked on a large piece that's driving me nuts... something not quite right and I couldn't see what it was. I decided to set it aside until later. To my surprise, when I looked up, it was dark outside and had snowed several inches and I'd missed it! And I still hadn't done my little daily painting.

So I rummaged up a bit of paper, looked hurredly around for something to sketch, and spied my basket of old kitchen implements. This rolling pin is very old, made of hard maple, and works beautifully, even though it has a few little dents in it. Today I used it to roll the pastry out for an apple and raspberry gallette.
Pastel on Tiziano white, 70x75mm (2.75x3 in.)

One day last week, I did a tiny painting that was a bit more involved. I love doing faces, and found a snapshot of one of my grandchildren as a baby, just on the edge of naptime. I focused on her face to capture that priceless look of a tired baby resisting sleep. Here she is:

Pastel on Tiziano white, 77x95mm (3x3.75 in.)

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