Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mostly yellow...

Pastel on Tiziano sahara, 20x20cm (8x8 in.)

Snowed all day, so a good day to cook and read and snuggle with cats. Late in the afternoon, just as I was setting up a still life, a knock on my door: FedEx with my yellow Senneliers! So I decided to do something with lots of yellows and bright colors. I had an 8 inch square of Tiziano sahara (a yellow sand color) already taped to my easel, so it was perfect as a background. I looked around, and the yellow light in the living room suggested this scene with my sofa at the center. This was fun to do, as I played with the colors as I wanted. This bears a passing resemblence to my living room, but the colors are a lot more lively. Naturally, the cats were elsewhere at the time, or there would be at least one curled up on the sofa somewhere.

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