Friday, January 19, 2007


I am playing fair, and beginning with now. Or a reasonable fascimile thereof. From time to time I may post things I've done in the past, but not just yet. I work in kiln-worked glass, but wanted to start drawing and painting again, as a way of sparking ideas for my glass work. So, for Christmas, I gave myself a few things in various media-- a drawing pad, graphite pencils, charcoal, a small set of pastels, which I hadn't worked in for ... well, never mind that.

I quickly fell in love with pastels. Within a couple of weeks, I'd acquired another set of pastels, some good paper, and a large easel. One end of my living room is now a studio. I feel like a rank amateur, and after all these years I imagine that's what I am. But this is the piece that started my passion. A quick sketch of my granddaughter.

Soft pastel on sketch paper, 23x30 cm (9x12 in)
December 30, 2006

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