Wednesday, April 7, 2010

City Lights

This is another from the quick little paintings project.  I like it so much I decided to move it over here.  It is on paper, and I am thinking of mounting it on board and varnishing it to frame.

acrylic on archival paper
6 x 8 inches

Since the 30 days that I originally allotted for this project are long gone, I renamed the project blog "Quick Little Paintings, Having Fun".  I am learning so much from these little paintings that I've decided to just keep going with them, doing several at a session as time allows.  They are leading me right where I needed to go.  Some are loose and abstract, some are tighter, but without making me feel as if I have to get it "perfect".  I am enjoying letting the shapes and edges tell ME what they need to be.  After all, I am just the brush holder!  The paintings take on a life of their own and drag me along.