Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Already

Summer Already
acrylic on matboard, 8x10 inches

Yep. Took a while to get here, but here it is, summer.

This is the same tree as yesterday's, from a slightly different angle-- and with color! I'd saved the greys I mixed up yesterday (Masterson's palette seal really does work!). I added some quin red, ultramarine, and Hansa yellow, mixed up a range of greens, used the red with some of the green and some blue to create the underlying trunk color. The greys toned the other colors. There's a bit of red is for eye relief, but it also went into some subtle violets that complement the yellows.

At first, I had to think a lot doing this. Then it just started happening; the picture took over. Another step on the way. Nothing spectacular about this tree, but by gosh, it is a tree! I think I'm getting the feel of the acrylics.

Now I want to start really playing.