Sunday, December 9, 2007

High Desert Mountains

I've been absent because I've been trying to learn to build a website using javascript to display popup images. My website builder is ancient and does not understand this language. Neither do I, though I do ok with just plain old html. New website builders that a visually inclined artist can use are expensive. So I've been muddling through trying to sort out CSS and javascript in text editors.

It is a slow process, as this is not something I am fitted for. Though I am gradually starting to "get" it, I may end up bailing and just doing my old thing of making thumbnails that are links to pages with the full images. But I so want those cool javascript popups that then just disappear when you click on them!

We'll see.

Somebody like me can only do that sort of thing for so long. I needed to get back to my easel. Some artist friends are having fun doing mini landscapes. So this is my entry: early spring in the basin and range country of the American west, from a photo I took long ago in another lifetime. I much prefer this pared down approach to painting landscape.

"High Desert Mountains" 10x10cm (4x4 in)
pastel on beige Tiziano, pumice ground added