Monday, October 15, 2007

Three Pears, version 1,772,394

At least. Hasn't every artist who has ever lived done pears at least once? But hey, pears are fun to paint. No two are shaped alike, they have wonderful shapes, and each variety has its own personality. Plus you get to eat them when you're done.

I promised someone a while back that when pears came in, I'd paint some. I got three lovely Bosc pears, so last evening, I used them for my quick watercolor sketch:

Canson watercolor on heavyweight sketch paper, 15x9 cm (6x3.6in)

Then this evening, I used them as subject of a quick little pastel painting, using a much looser style than I usually do.

Soft pastel on Tiziano, brown background under pumice ground, 11x11cm (4.25x4.25 in)

In a bit of a slump for a while, but getting going again. Only doing sketches until I finish getting some paintings framed and ready to hang for a gallery jurying. There are only two 2D slots open and stiff competition, but I'm still excited and pleased to have been invited. The small ones were easy to frame, but I am re-doing a larger one. Today I took it all apart and redid it, and like the way it looks much better. Tomorrow I will finish it up. I hope. The glass feels a bit long, and the only way to remove a small amount of glass safely is by grinding. And I only have hand tools...