Monday, August 13, 2007

Mystery fruit

In the past two weeks, in the time I've had, I have been working on a fairly complex large pastel painting, and playing around a bit with little watercolors in my notebook. Most were explorations I don't think I want anyone to look at.

This one started as a simple little watercolor sketch of some crabapples on a hot pad. Then it got out of control. At one point I nearly ripped it out of the notebook to throw in the trash. But I figured since it was a goner, I might as well go for broke and began playing with all kinds of things. This is the end result. I decided it was more interesting than what I'd started out to do. I can't say these are crabapples anymore, though they do still have a passing resemblance. I think.

watercolor on heavyweight sketch paper, 15x9cm (6x3.5 in)

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