Sunday, January 21, 2007


Last night I did another of my quick paintings, after spending the day doing other things. I'd been going through some photos I'd taken during one of my trips to the Navajo reservation. It was springtime, and dark spring rainclouds alternated with bright sunshine. The soft rains made the usually hard-edged formations gentle in outline. I felt at home.

Desert Rainstorm
Pastels on Tiziano pearl, 145x127 mm

This is a tiny cottage I'd seen on a back road near Ancramdale, NY, late on a beautiful winter day. The sun was low, making hard edges in a striking blue sky, but to the north there were wisps of clouds moving quickly eastward, catching the warm reflections from the sun. I stopped to take a few photos, but didn't linger. The clouds grew darker, and as I entered the Taconics, it began snowing. I drove through the winter darkness in thickly falling snow, and arrived home to over 8 inches of fresh snow. It was a long drive.

I had this small pastel painting taped to my wall waiting for me to figure out what was wrong with the compostion. It didn't work. The other night as I was drifting to sleep, I finally understood what it was. Ha, it needed scissors. The left side fought with the right. So now it is a vertical rather than a horizontal.

Cottage in Snow, 180x215mm (7"x8.5")
Tiziano white paper, soft pastels, January 10

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